See Link: A Man Tells Women That Women Ask to be Mistreated by Doing THIS

Guys who don’t approach are not shy. What they are is uninterested. You can’t pique his interest by doing THIS. No, if has sex with you it does NOT mean he feels differently about you. Do not do THIS. This advice bears repeating

Threesomes: How can you keep him AND invite a woman into your bed?

A relationship and a temp in the bedroom

Street sex work had been a great way to see the island

There was true diversity among the men seeking street sex I was new to Hawaii but I discovered, as many others with addictions found, that even a paradise like the island of Oahu, did not distract me from the ever present obsession of drugs. I had found the spot downtown where Honolulu men picked upContinue reading “Street sex work had been a great way to see the island”

Certain Men Don’t Hit Women

Some men hit women and some do not. Here’s one hypothesis

COVID, Sex Workers, Clients—in HIS words:

August 31, 2030 I am passionate about maintaining anonymity while giving you the unedited words of participants in the off track segment of society. This is a genuine message sent to me on Facebook by someone I do not know. It is so on topic I know you’ll want to know that your frustration isContinue reading “COVID, Sex Workers, Clients—in HIS words:”

Xhookr Life Hack #7: Use Your OWN Pix To Keep His Attention On You Not Porn

Given the choice of looking at pictures of the woman handing a guy a phone or looking at the woman standing right there, guys are drawn to the pictures. Once they start looking at pictures they almost ignore the woman in the room even when the pictures show that woman! Caroleena, the expert escort

An Ex-Sex Worker Says Put Your Age Out There and Don’t Lie About It

ex-sex Worker says don’t lie about your age

Xhookr Life Hack #20: All men look, with sex on their minds, all the time

Your man will look. Here’s how YOU control the situation

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