is problematic for people with checkered pasts is problematic for a person with a checkered past.  People have asked me why I “put myself out there” with my blog. After all, people do not know what you do not tell them, right? Wrong!  Do you remember the scene from Titanic when the survivors arrive in New York and the British heroineContinue reading “ is problematic for people with checkered pasts”

In the United States,if you become a defendant in a criminal case, you’re entitled to an attorney but you’re not entitled to one on that’s on your side.

How do I know the public defender I had was not on my side? I got to be in the same situation at first broke, then, with money and I saw the changes.

The only way for most of us to possess land in Honolulu has unfortunate timing. Unless we can be ghosts… sobriety in the midst of inequality not necessarily tempting

To possess land in Honolulu, most of us will have to die first. Sobriety in poverty is reality and not necessarily tempting.

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