Is a hooker’s trick sad or sick. Probably neither

      Neither! You can click on the link or cut and paste into your browser to obtain Caroleena’s 2018 take on this question. Sad or sick? Possibly. More likely horney and/or lonely. Fairly often the men and providers become friends who spend time together outside of anything transactional. Sometimes they become part ofContinue reading “Is a hooker’s trick sad or sick. Probably neither”

Sexual Violence Life Hack: Cheer on a Would-Be Rapist

Shock your rapist into yielding control to you

Look at this Tweet as a reminder to do at least a little for our health

just do a little to prevent COVID, realistically

Sex Workers Are a Diverse, Not Desperate, Group

Jack the Ripper and the 19th Century’s Sex Workers in London Jack the Ripper was the “nickname” journalists in 19th century London gave to a serial killer who preyed on prostitutes. At that time prostitution was not illegal in London and there were scores of women selling sexual services. There were women who charged highContinue reading “Sex Workers Are a Diverse, Not Desperate, Group”

New (to many) Mask Advice, Summarized w/ Article Link, July 31, 2020 Eye Opening Pointers 1. Layers of different materials, 2 or 3 layers 2. Cut Panthose for snugness for layer closest to mouth 3. Materials: flannel, terry cloth (bath robe material), lab coat material–like the material used for scrubs. Walmart carries all of this. 4. Scotch Guard the outer layer to repel moisture Main pointsContinue reading “New (to many) Mask Advice, Summarized w/ Article Link, July 31, 2020”

Best Handwashing Video , in my humble opinion: Twitter Link

Correct technique to wash your hands for proper disinfection. #CoronavirusOutbreakindia #CoronaVirusUpdate #COVID #CoronaVirusUpdate — Harjinder Singh Kukreja (@SinghLions) March 19, 2020

How to Get Your Money Back From a Thief

Harvard XHooker Life Hacks, the world’s newest everyday wisdom from the world’s oldest profession that is appropriate for most audiences so you need not hide the screen when a co-worker walks by because this is not porn! Follow this link to get tried and true instructions for getting the most die hard thief gladly returnContinue reading “How to Get Your Money Back From a Thief”

My 4 Prostitution Arrests with YouTube Street Sex Link

I was involved in four undercover police stings where cops posed as potential dates and picked me up in their cars. Twice I got away, twice
I didn’t.

When a man sees a woman in revealing clothes, this is what he hears

girls think they look cute. men think they are offering sex. these are two different understandings of skimpy clothes. potential trouble

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