The One Word That is Public opinion of you

Did I Give Off a Sex Worker Vibe?   If you want to know what people think of you in a word try to find out what name they call you amongst each other that they never expect you to discover. There you have consensus. Plus whoever tells you is the weak link in theContinue reading “The One Word That is Public opinion of you”

The Shocking Real Reason Gay Men Offend Straight Men

Why gay guys offend straight guys.

A Profile of a Guy Who Pays For Sex

New post on Brainiac Honolulu Xhookr, Throwback from November 2018 Are Men Who Pay For Sex Sad Sacks or Sickos? by X-Streetwalker Turned Sex Talker Before I got involved with prostitution I had preconceived ideas about the type of men who paid for sex. I possessed no actual facts and so complete was my ignorance thatContinue reading “A Profile of a Guy Who Pays For Sex”

One Interesting Thing I learned from Prostitution

I learned that you cannot tell by looking at people the secrets they have, what they do behind closed doors. Just about everyone will surprise you, even people who don’t look like the type to hire a hooker

Ladies, Don’t Get Mad If You Notice Him Noticing Other Women

I know that there are signs that a man wants an open, public relationship with a woman. But men have thoughts about women that they don’t share with us and we women have no idea that men are thinking certain things about almost every woman almost all of the time. I did not know theContinue reading “Ladies, Don’t Get Mad If You Notice Him Noticing Other Women”

Faves: Most Popular Blog Posts of All Time, Time Defined as 2018, 2019,and January 2020

Top 7 Posts by Harvard X Hooker in Hawaii that are funny, sexy, yet appropriateness for most audiences

Rape, Abuse, theft, abortion–we all know people who do the taboo

we either know people or we are people who have killed, stolen, and done societal taboos. Just bc no one talks about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening

Men and Masturbation: More Musings From Cleavage Diaries

Porn and masturbation seem to be a constant in many men’s private lives, as in, every chance they get, with or without an audience

The Long Story: Birth Mother: Why a Lonely Kid Wanted to Find Her

If you understand the desperate isolation produced by my childhood with strangers you’ll know why I was compelled to find my birth mother

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