Sexy, Funny Images that May or May Not Rep this Blog

which if these sexy images represents the blog that has visual appeal the old fashioned way while introducing Caroleena, a new type rather than a stereotype

Faves: Most Popular Blog Posts of All Time, Time Defined as 2018, 2019,and January 2020

Top 7 Posts by Harvard X Hooker in Hawaii that are funny, sexy, yet appropriateness for most audiences

Are you sure showing bare breasts doesn’t get old?

Same bare breasts and the same woman in unique pictures is always a hot topic


BARE BREASTS AND BEAUTY WITH AN IDEA–THE FAN RESPONSE I looked at my stats after I fooled around with the format of the blog and wow! There was such a huge spike in views that WordPress noticed. WordPress is the app that hosts my blog (if that is the correct terminology). I received a notificationContinue reading “YOU DEMANDED SEXY PICTURE HISTORY AND HERE IT IS”

Breasts and Beauty Accompany an Idea: Felony Murder–is this (sometimes) used as a tricky way to get cops off the hook for shooting someone

Breasts and Beauty Accompany an Idea: Felony Murder–could this charge be a coverup for improper police use of deadly force?

Beauty and Bare Breasts Add Appeal To Every Post–Take A Look and Tell Me if You Agree

From now on, for the most part, a tasteful, semi-nude, artistic pic will accompany written posts to see what the stats show about how much the readers like the addition of bare breasts and beauty