Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

Loneliness is what changes sex worker-client interaction from oppression to relationship

I unsuccessfully try to remain cold

I am an orphan. No family. Without people to help me learn social skills while I was growing up, I had no lessons in getting along with others. Unfortunately: I was not gifted in the area of social skills. I would have benefited from a “how to” manual. I had no manual. I had no friends. The state of affairs remained the same well into adulthood when I found a way to obtain social interaction. My motives for being a sex worker were complex. I needed the money. I needed a place of refuge from isolation. Amazingly there were people who saw me for years. They were the only people to initiate contact with me. Even more incredibly, there were a few who cared. About me! Bailed me out of jail. Bought me a plane ticket when my wallet was stolen on a solo (what else?) vacation off-island and I had only purchased a one way ticket. Funded my rent when I was short. Paid for the exterminator so there would be no way bugs could set up shop in my apartment. One guy dropped everything and sped from Kamala (a suburb) to downtown Honolulu when I accidentally did nor bring enough money to cover a cab ride and the driver had called the police. That was an important moment because I had to correctly determine who could afford to rescue me and who had transportation fast enough to to beat the police to the scene. This person was able and willing. Yet it is a complicated relationship BC we could never be seen together in public. It is not accurate to say that every action us exploitation. Would you call this person a friend?

I can never keep my heart out if interactions. I come across as sarcastic and cold but I care. I wish I had this relationship as the primary person in a man’s life. But consider this, without sex work I would have no one at all BC how would I lure people in past my difficult personality? All is not what our prejudices think is correct.


False Claims About Hookers with a few anime pix

False Claims about hookers–so very common. Check out this link to hear what “they” say and what they are so wrong about!  One of the most popular posts in what’s becoming a veritable library of work!

Foot Fetish we describes his tastes, without being asked to direct his thoughts or words. Pure honesty, anonymously, is what you’ll find in this post. Sometimes women with pretty feet are hired for their feet but it isn’t true that they don’t have to do more than show their feet. Often more is required of them.


False Claims About Hookers



The way Hawaii cops see me makes me want to riot

September 12, 2020

In Hawaii🌺 whenever a person calls the police the police “run the name,” or check to see if the caller has a police record. It doesn’t matter that my solicitation charge was 15 years ago. Once the cops see me as a sex worker💋I cannot count on them to help me. Add to the mix my race and my outsider status (because I am not from here) and the police cannot even fake professionalism. The way they look at me infuriates me. But it does not surprise. This is what happened today⤵️

The Real Police Are Superior Humans

It makes me angry when losers who scammed their way into a respectable profession put in a uniform and give everyone a bad name. On this day 29 years ago I was marveling at how almost everyone was running away from the World Trade Center while the police and other first responders were running, yes running, towards the disaster. They had to know not all of them would make it out, but they gave their lives for strangers. The Apostle Paul wrote while we were yet enemies, Christ died for our sins. I was privileged to see the love of Jesus in action through the NYPD. I have nothing but respect for those people. Let me be clear about my attitude towards people who do I job I am incapable of doing, and who are the only people in my life who will come help me if I call.

The former Honolulu Chief of Police 👮 Awaits Sentencing

Lots of federal charges. His wife was the head prosecutor (true story) and she too awaits sentencing on even more charges they racked up while in service to the people of Honolulu. Drugs, theft, fraud, elder abuse misappropriation of funds, a looong list. Many more charges than the majority of women I met in prison when I was there for possessing a single pill. It’s little wonder that this type of leadership produced the clown that showed up at my place an hour ago. I noticed broken glass that indicated a break in. I knew I had to make a police report or people would say, it couldn’t have been a big deal if you didn’t call the police. I dreaded the unprofessional attitude of the officers who typically show up when I’ve called. I have two assaults by two different neighbors on video, and neither person was arrested. The cops thought it was funny. That’s why I dreaded calling HPD today. I knew they’d communicate their standard message to me: you don’t matter.

Experienced Jerks Know How to Disrespect the Public w/o getting in trouble

Two officers responded to take my report. One was young, enthusiastic. He actually looked at the jealousie window I know was a replacement for the one that had been broken. You see, I had the windows secured so the only way to get in was to break the window. I come home to a pile of glass shards and a different window. It takes less than five minutes to insert one of the glass slats known as jalousies. The second so-called cop was dismissive, and what infuriated me was the casual way he leaned on his elbows against the railing, never moving until he walked off without saying anything to the other officer. His body position is not something that could convincingly be communicated to others. People would say it is a matter of opinion. He had found a way to be a total douche without the public really being able to replicate what he did. The only things he said was he saw no evidence the glass came from my window. I said since he never looked at it , how could he. I asked if they could at least do fingerprints. His response was Forensic Files was a show for tv that bore no resemblance to actual police work. When he walked off I told the young one not to follow the example of indifference and disrespect. The young one will be lost if his training days are spent with that total douche. Even now I am frustrated bc nothing I wrote seems unreasonable on the cop’s part. I simply cannot translate his slouch into words to explain why I’m so furious. Maybe I am overly bitter about a lifetime of being nothing much in the eyes of people who see my little brown face and make their assumptions.

One thing I am sure of is that the older cop was nowhere near the level of the NYPD 19 years ago. This guy, casually leaning back on his elbows, would never have run back into those buildings. I wish people would make the distinction between the guys behind police brutality and police indifference, and genuine officers who rise to be heroes when that’s what’s needed.


A Profile of a Guy Who Pays For Sex

Are Men Who Pay For Sex Sad Sacks or Sickos?

by X-Streetwalker Turned Sex Talker

Before I got involved with prostitution I had preconceived ideas about the type of men who paid for sex. I possessed no actual facts and so complete was my ignorance that I did not know I knew nothing. Secure in my rightness, I thought there were only two types of people who hired sex workers. The “losers” who were utterly lacking in appeal for any number if reasons and needed to provide financial incentives to obtain companionship. The losers were used and abused by women who only wanted money, but mistreatment was better than isolation. No money, no honey. When I saw media coverage of a 90 year old man who drew up a new will that cut out his kids and left everything to his favorite sex worker, I thought him pitiful and deluded.

The second category of my imaginary client population was the “sicko.” These depraved sexual sadists hired sex workers to victimize them. They took advantage of the perceived police indifference to the lives of hookers to do as much damage to as many disadvantaged people as possible until finally society couldn’t turn a blind eye to the discarded bodies of murder victims. He considered himself a hero for ridding society of these problems. One client told me this joke: Question: What do you call a black woman who has an abortion? Answer: A crime fighter. When a story about some guy cutting off a prostitute’s head and throwing her mutilated remains in a Waikiki dumpster made news I thought that behavior was to be expected from any man who paid for sex. Something was wrong with these guys, right?

My desire for drugs, crack cocaine in the early years on the street overcame my fear. Apprehensively, I jumped into cars with strange men. but I got out of the same cars thoughtfully. These guys were nothing like I imagined! Facts can sure screw with a world view. Dear Readers, Introducing:


Wow! Took me over a year of hardcore self involvement to even think to write about someone other than myself, but I have finally arrived. Look for posts on the topic of client motivation. We welcome input from any guy who’d like to share his motives in the comments section. 

In real life I found that clients (tricks as many say) were usually not desperate or sexual sadists– not with me. There was as much diversity among men I saw hiring prostitutes as their was with people who used drugs. (I believe sex workers I knew had but a few motivations. X-Streetwalker Turned Sex Talker | December 24, 2018 at 4:17 am | Tags: Prostitution | Categories: Escort Answers | URL:

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Addiction Addiction and Prostitution Escort Agencies Reader Comments

A Sex Worker’s Client Speaks

What He Says

I am so glad that in over 34 years in the hobby as a client, I NEVER had a “date” with a lady who was an addict. Hell, most of them rarely drank alcohol. To be honest though, I only dated high – end escorts/call girls who were true independents. And their hourly fee was at least
$X, XXX. These ladies were also tipped quite well — sometimes in excess of an fee. I believe that EVERY provider has their place in the marketplace and as long as they provide their clients with professional service and the right attitude, they deserve to be treated as a lady with all due respect.

This comment was a response to my effort to illustrate the diversity of the women who engage in sex work. There is a population of, mostly, homeless women and men, who engage in addiction driven prostitution. Like N. A. says their full time occupation is dope: getting, using, and finding ways and means to get more. There are also providers who engage in prostitution out of necessity and their career only lasts for the duration of the hardship. Still others choose sex work as a way to make a lot of money with very little overhead on your own schedule. Just like people in any job, they may or may not have substance abuse issues but regardless, their primary motivation is not drugs nor does 100% of their income go to drugs or drug related expenses.

Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

Sex Workers Are a Diverse, Not Desperate, Group

Jack the Ripper and the 19th Century’s Sex Workers in London

Jack the Ripper was the “nickname” journalists in 19th century London gave to a serial killer who preyed on prostitutes. At that time prostitution was not illegal in London and there were scores of women selling sexual services. There were women who charged high prices, who were comfortably situated in housing and they therefore had a place to invite clients. Women without financial backing worked the streets. They had to find a hidden spot in public to perform sexual services. These women could not offer comfort so they had to charge less. The same is true in downtown Honolulu, especially in the early 2000’s before the community took pains to remove the streetwalkers. The difference between a streetwalker and a call girl is expressed in the names. The lower status women walk the streets, the call girls can receive callers in person or are summoned by receiving phone calls.

How does a woman reach the point of being without help and resources? Addiction. In London 100% of the streetwalkers in the area targeted by Jack the Ripper were addicted to alcohol. Today, there are streetwalkers on those same avenues and 100% of these sex workers are heroin addicts. Let me be sure to clarify my remarks by stating that not all sex workers are addicted. Yes, there are women who engage in sex work but in general, they consider it something they do on the way to doing what they really want to do. People scoff at the notion that people could just dabble in sex work but they do. And, sex workers do not always work out of desperation. Sometimes they save money and invest in stocks. Or, they get plastic surgery. Can you really say a woman is being taken advantage of if she is saving for a tummy tuck.?

There are exigency circumstances that are not directly related to addiction, such as a woman being unable to find regular employment because of her record. I have even heard of women who left downtown Honolulu but return to work the street a few times a month to stay current with the goings on and to be a familiar face to guys who drive around often but do not always pick up a worker.

I received the criticism that I am misrepresenting sex workers as down and out and that’s not always true. There can be no denying that there is addiction driven prostitution that both genders adopt only bc they use drugs. They would never have considered prostitution anything more than something you read about in a blog. That was before drugs. But after people become addicted there are very few ways to make money that take as little time as 15 minutes, after which a person can dash off to score dope. They spend all the money on drugs then hit the street again. The practice of spending every penny on dope is what makes it impossible to keep a place or replace a stolen phone. It is this addiction driven prostitution that I primarily expose.

Another misrepresentation I do not want to commit is downplaying the danger of sex work, especially on the mainland where hundreds, maybe thousands, of sex workers are killed along interstate highways, and not to stereotype long distance truckers, it’s believed that predators discover the possibilities for truck drivers to snatch a woman no one will miss from one jurisdiction and dump her body in another jurisdiction where police do not know she went missing elsewhere. The lack of communication between law enforcement in different areas is a big weakness in policing in the United States and every full time predator knows this It would be impossible to get away with these actions on any of the Hawaiian islands. People will find out someone’s missing and people will know about the predators. If we have anonymous murders in Hawaii, I have never heard about them. However, the former chief of police and his wife, the head prosecuting attorney have both gone to federal prison this year(seriously) so we cannot exactly trust our authorities to tell the truth.


Why do I write about being a former sex worker, 2018 and 2020 reasons

2018 Reasons I Write

I am a respectable ivy league educated x-hooker sharing her experiences as a street level sex worker in Honolulu at the turn of the 21st century.


If I can take my experiences and turn them into life lessons for others then I have transformed that post collegiate time from a waste of a mind to a benefit for the world. To be cringingly honest, my mission is to earn redemption by educating and entertaining the world with stories of the outcast told in the language of the elite.

2020 Reasons I Write

I used to be passionate about my anonymity. I was so concerned about people finding out about me. Then, last week, the beginning of August 2020, I was trying to get in the elevator with a man who has lived in the building as long as I have, over 6 years. He tried dissuading me by telling me I didn’t belong on the elevator with him, that I could take the bigger elevator and leave him in peace. Bullying is a poor choice of strategies to use with me because I can motivate off of spite. I refused to leave the elevator When we got to my floor he made a big show of pushing my bike off the elevator without my assistance, which only wedged the bike in the elevator door. He had no choice but to cooperate with me to free my bicycle so he could be on his way. I was quite through with being nice and I told him that any problem you have was with yourself, not with me, because I do not even know your name and do not misinterpret me, I am not asking for your name. What is wrong with you,” I demanded to know.

He glared at me and said, “You work the streets downtown!”

I was shocked. That was years ago. There were people in the building who said they recognized me from “Town.” There are very few black people in the state and everyone is connected to someone who knows someone they know so it is very common to be recognized. Anyway, if someone recognized me from Town it is because that person was there too! Or they were Town Adjacent–maybe someone they knew went into town to get dope for them, you know, peripheral involvement. The next thing the bully said made everything clear:

The Office [at Kalakaua Homes] tells us all about it. We know everything!

A neighbor offering even more proof that management is behind the efforts to pressure me out of this prime housing and reserve every single unit for fellow Asians.

I can get into the racial dynamic in Hawaii later. I will just say, for now, that it is different from the traditional white vs. black and one color line. There are many lines here, some of them determined by race, some of them determined by place of origin. But Hawaii is like every other place I know of–the native population is not in charge of their land, they are disproportionately incarcerated, and Hawaiians, in a unique twist, have the lowest life expectancy of any racial group in the world. But that’s now what this post is about.

The reason I write this blog, today is that people already know my past. They refuse to let it go. There is no such thing as an x-hookr and they will never let me live it down. You have heard of the thinking error confirmation bias, I presume, in which everything that proves a person’s pre-conceived notions is used as evidence, while anything that disproves their prejudice is discounted or ignored. Everything about me is going to show them I am a prostitute so I am going to live my life and not worry about altering myself based upon their judgements because there is no point. The hatred is intractable. Now, if I was born here, or if I was one of the accepted racial groups, this would not be happening, this bullying. If I had a gift for putting people at ease instead of an inability to relate to others my chances of peace would be better. But those were not the cards I was dealt. Race is only one part of the decision to pressure me out of here. The Supreme Court said that if racism plays any part in mistreatment than the mistreatment is illegal and not just people expressing their freedom of speech. I am on solid ground about the illegality of what management is doing by proxy. So, I write.

One could say that I am keeping my past alive, but in truth it is already kept alive for me. I might as well repurpose my past not as something to deny or forget but as something that is relevant as a current teaching tool or if nothing else, a present day source of entertainment. They say write what you know. If I don’t declare myself a knowledgeable expert in addiction and street life then I pretty much wasted the past 20 years and cannot use any of my experience for the good. Unacceptable, to me. So, I write.

Criminal Justice system Hooker Hacks

Snitches I Know Do Not Fit The Stereotype, Exactly – Witty Videos and Verse by the Harvard X-Hookr in Hawaii

I am told it is the police and not the criminal who initiate the snitching
— Read on


Controversy Warning: Unity Among Men Not Women, others with minority status

Beauty+Breasts+Idea=Blog Intro that sparks interest

“Bro’s Before Ho’s” means guys ought to be loyal to each other, prioritize other guys, over women. Women are reduced to “Ho’s” and men are elevated to brother status. I would go as far as to say that men’s superior status and unity, especially white men, is reinforced when the chance to join white men is the ultimate accomplishment. Men truly back each other up, while women don’t even seem to like each other. (More on the subject of male unity and female disharmony to come). In our society, women and minorities are praised for getting away from their own kind. Don’t believe me? Haven’t you heard praise for the first female in a male dominated profession, or the first black in a white dominated profession? There’s no praise for the first male nurse, for example. Basketball fans will remember Larry Byrd, of the Boston Celtics. He wasn’t honored for being successfully assimilated into a largely black sport but he was encouraged to maintain a separation from the black players by being called “The Great White Hope.” In a skit performed by comedian Dave Chapelle, Chapelle says you know a black guy is successful when everyone and everything in his life is white.” You don’t see white people living in all black areas unless things have gone wrong for them. I think those of us who are members of groups without unity whose members are always trying to be among white men should take our cue from the Chinese immigrants who stuck together and supported each other in countless “Chinatowns” throughout America. How about the Jewish people who have a strong history of nonassimilation and still maintain traditions thousands of years old. The Chinese and Jews have economic success that we women and blacks do not emulate because we don’t work together, stick together. We are so eager to show how different we are from people who look like us. We “aren’t like those bitches” or we are “one of the good ones.” I wish to be in a group!

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I Can’t Imagine A Woman Behaving Like Donald Trump. The President’s Issue with Home Alone 2 is a useful example.

Home Alone 2

This Christmas movie classic originally featured a 7 second cameo by Donald Trump, who gives McCaulley Culkin directions, long before Trump thought of running for president. The movie powers that be in Canada had trimmed seconds here and there from this movie and other movies to keep them under 2 hours. Around 2014, that 7 second cameo was cut, along with other snippets that (I guess) were not essential for the plot. Immediately Trump launched into what I call his refrain–I’m amazing, they hate me for being me, they tried to get me, look what they did, yet they failed to take me down because I am amazing. The President heard that his cameo had been cut by Canadian film people (forgive my ignorance, I am not Googling the name bc it’s not essential to my point and I want to dash this post off). He accused the Canadian Prime Minister of cutting him out of the film in retaliation for some difference of opinion. The Canadian Prime Minister was not in office in 2014 and I think he has as much involvement with films as the American president. In other words he had nothing to do with the decision. The news pointed out Trump’s mistakes, as they always do. I don’t know if Trump is more often wrong than everyone who came before him or this is the media coverage. I do take Trump’s statements about fake news seriously because he has been well situated for a long time to know the truth about the media.

Women Can’t Say “I’m Amazing”

It is true that people are more appealing to others after they admit they have made mistakes. But I have noticed that if a woman is on television and she is very beautiful, like the Colombian actress on Modern Family, she always has to look ridiculous in some other way. In that case the character has an annoying voice and a tendency to make simple mistakes, dumb blond style. Suzanne Sommers did dumb blonde on Three’s Company. Even the classic show The Golden Girls, often had characters comment on the wideness of the sexy character’s derriere. I was watching a story about Jessica Alba and the report began with “why we hate Jessica Alba,” since she has so much going for her they were “feigning” jealousy. Sure I find Trump ridiculous for his self-involvement and that he says “I” more than other presidents, but I did not notice how I myself accepted him saying he was awesome. No one ever got down on Muhammed Ali when he did his I’m so Pretty repartee with Howard Cosell, the sportscaster. Can you imagine a woman crowing about how great she is? I would have to imagine it because there are no examples of a female public figure ever behaving like that. What if a woman made all the accusations, unfounded and others, that Trump has made. She might be institutionalized, like thousands of other women who are presently locked up against their wills and have been throughout the 20th century when men deemed their behavior “crazy.” If she wasn’t called crazy, that hyper aggressive woman might be branded as a witch. Unless she has some glaring defect that can comfort society with the assurance that a woman can only be so good.