False Claims About Hookers with a few anime pix

False Claims about hookers–so very common. Check out this link to hear what “they” say and what they are so wrong about!  One of the most popular posts in what’s becoming a veritable library of work!   False Claims About Hookers  

The way Hawaii cops see me makes me want to riot

September 12, 2020 In Hawaii🌺 whenever a person calls the police the police “run the name,” or check to see if the caller has a police record. It doesn’t matter that my solicitation charge was 15 years ago. Once the cops see me as a sex worker💋I cannot count on them to help me. AddContinue reading “The way Hawaii cops see me makes me want to riot”

A Profile of a Guy Who Pays For Sex

New post on Brainiac Honolulu Xhookr, Throwback from November 2018 Are Men Who Pay For Sex Sad Sacks or Sickos? by X-Streetwalker Turned Sex Talker Before I got involved with prostitution I had preconceived ideas about the type of men who paid for sex. I possessed no actual facts and so complete was my ignorance thatContinue reading “A Profile of a Guy Who Pays For Sex”

A Sex Worker’s Client Speaks

What He Says I am so glad that in over 34 years in the hobby as a client, I NEVER had a “date” with a lady who was an addict. Hell, most of them rarely drank alcohol. To be honest though, I only dated high – end escorts/call girls who were true independents. And theirContinue reading “A Sex Worker’s Client Speaks”

Sex Workers Are a Diverse, Not Desperate, Group

Jack the Ripper and the 19th Century’s Sex Workers in London Jack the Ripper was the “nickname” journalists in 19th century London gave to a serial killer who preyed on prostitutes. At that time prostitution was not illegal in London and there were scores of women selling sexual services. There were women who charged highContinue reading “Sex Workers Are a Diverse, Not Desperate, Group”

Why do I write about being a former sex worker, 2018 and 2020 reasons

Agressively optimistic former sex worker

Snitches I Know Do Not Fit The Stereotype, Exactly – Witty Videos and Verse by the Harvard X-Hookr in Hawaii

I am told it is the police and not the criminal who initiate the snitching — Read on expertescort2018.com/2020/08/02/snitches-i-know-do-not-fit-the-stereotype-exactly/

Controversy Warning: Unity Among Men Not Women, others with minority status

Bro’s Before Ho’s is an expression that accurately reflects men’s tendency to be loyal to each other before they are loyal to females. Men, especially white men, stick together, and other successful groups do as well. If blacks and women defined success as being with each other instead of getting away from each other, we could more powerful, economically and otherwise. Controversial but true, in my opinion.

I Can’t Imagine A Woman Behaving Like Donald Trump. The President’s Issue with Home Alone 2 is a useful example.

Home Alone 2 This Christmas movie classic originally featured a 7 second cameo by Donald Trump, who gives McCaulley Culkin directions, long before Trump thought of running for president. The movie powers that be in Canada had trimmed seconds here and there from this movie and other movies to keep them under 2 hours. AroundContinue reading “I Can’t Imagine A Woman Behaving Like Donald Trump. The President’s Issue with Home Alone 2 is a useful example.”

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