“All Men Are Gay”

That’s what one of my associates said. “All men are gay,” Mandee would reiterate when telling stories of her past. She was an adriot storyteller, so it was always fun to listen. I like the word associate, because it is more accurate than the word friend. In Mandee’s case I liked her but she didn’t reciprocate the affection. She didn’t mind my company so when I came around she’d talk and I listened to learn stuff. Even without pre-existing barriers to friendship, there appears to be a distance between women, especially providers. It is very rare to find working girls who are friends with each other rather than rivals. I look at the sites that encourage discussion among men about different providers, and they are very popular with men. Men can help each other get laid. But it seems that women cannot assist each other in a common cause. I wonder if it because it is because it is true that all men are gay.

Mandee believes the bond between men is based on a shared secret that they all know but never say, not even to each other. Mandee said every man she knew had had sex with other men, and they reveal that fact in private to working girls no one would believe even if they tried to tell. Mandee explained the process. It starts when they are young boys, like pre-teenagers. and they don’t have access to women so they play with each other. It’s never talked about outside of the locker room (or wherever) but it certainly does happen. When they grow up they get with other men, who might be dressed as women, and therefore they don’t really count it as homosexual. Or they have encounters with men who are definitely dressed as men and they both consider themselves heterosexual. Since they both call themselves “straight” the sexual contact doesn’t “count.” As for sex with mahus (pronounced MA hoo), my former associate’s belief is that men embrace other men dressed like women as a type of rejection of genetic females, a way to say, “there’s nothing you do and nothing you have that we can’t improve upon.” Yes, there is the issue of reproduction, but if you consider how much sex a person has, it is relatively rare that people really want pregnancy. Therefore, the true need for heterosexuality is mostly irrelevant.

I did some research on the subject of the hidden world of men having sex with men even though all of them self identify as straight. I have to say that it is much more common than I ever imagined. If I hadn’t fallen in love with a man who was bisexual I never would have considered male homosexuality. Like Mandee he did not reciprocate my affection for him, but for a different reason, lol. I started exploring this hidden world because I was looking for a loophole, a way into his heart. I didn’t find one but I will share my adventures with you over time.

I went for an HIV test here in Honolulu. The person giving the test was what they call a mahu. I hope that term mahu is not derogatory, and if I learn that it is, then I will substitute the proper word instead of mahu, just so you know. Well, as we wait for the results of the finger prick test to come back the person asked me how many men have you had sex with that you believe have had sex with other people. I thought about it and I responded “I cannot say that everyone does everything. But based upon my research I have to say most of the men I’ve had sex with other men.” She looked at me with total surprise. And I say “she” because here in Hawaii if a person self-identifies as a mahu who everyone else follows suit. Compared to mainland United States, defining oneself according to one’s own preference is practically accepted. She looked at me with amazement and replied “you are a wise woman.”

More on this popular subject coming soon.

Caroleena Renee, January 20, 2019 10:20 p m. Hawaii time


Are You a Boy Or a Girl?¿?¿

Tales of a genius ex-streetwalker have skyrocketed in international popularity.  Therefore, I am re-posting previous posts to the front page. I am always appalled at the low quality of early writings. I made many improvements. Merry Christmas 2018.


“Are you a boy or a girl?” The first time a man pulled over to the curb and asked me this question in Downtown Honolulu, I was more than a little offended. Was he trying to say I was ugly? I angrily asserted that I was a woman, just maybe a little tired from “runnin’ ‘em hard” or “chronic-ing”  local slang for choosing drugs over sleep for several consecutive days. I answered the question honestly. Yes, I was a female, no I had never been a male at any point in my life. The standard anatomical female body was, to my enormous surprise, declined time after time. I’m talking at least 100 times since I started in the companion

Was I hiding something?

When people asked if I was a boy or a girl I was surprised by how often I had the wrong answer.  Other women said they were often asked the same gender vlarification qurstion. I was advised not to take offense. As a person who was easily offended I had a difficult time following this advice. How could a female impersonator beat me in the rankings of most attractive hooker on Kuhio Street? Hey, it was not the typical beauty contest title, but IIhad awarded myself the top spot and did not care for rejection. “Haven’t you ever heard a guy] say”hat looks too good to be a female? The prettiest mahus are prettier than women. They try harder and they take better care of themselves than women. It’s a compliment.”

Years later,  I fell in love with Ken, at first aaclient who became a friend who became my love (unreciprocated). Ken passed away in 2017. He was my best friend and loved me as much as he could.  He was partly gay. He taught me a lot about the flexible nature of sexual preference. I wanted to know him better so  I interviewed many men about their involvement with mahus and other guys. I want to tell the world what I learned so no one has to reach the end of his life feeling abnormal. Ken did not deserve the conflict between what he felt and what he “should” feel. Here is what I learned that I want to you dear Readers, to take to heart.


My Ken lived his whole life never knowing that his desires were common. These male same sex encounters are not “counted” as homosexuality for many reasons I will explore in our time together. One of these reasons is that, an act is not a gay act if the other guy looks like a woman. I now understand that the men were not asking me simply because they thought I was a man, although I am sure some did. The blunt truth was that scores of men hoped I was a man. One guy described his best case scenario: beautiful face, trim body, and male genetalia. I did not fit the bill. “You’re do pretty, you would be perfect if you had a c**k,” someone once commented with real regret.

Stay tuned for what I did in an attempt to profitably fill this common male desire. And get more money for dope, and latet in my career, life expenses I did not have on the street.

Male? Female? People in search of sex workers often prefer a combined gender. That explains why for some, simply choosing s biological female was not the best option.