The One Word That is Public opinion of you

Did I Give Off a Sex Worker Vibe?   If you want to know what people think of you in a word try to find out what name they call you amongst each other that they never expect you to discover. There you have consensus. Plus whoever tells you is the weak link in theContinue reading “The One Word That is Public opinion of you”

COVID, Sex Workers, Clients—in HIS words:

August 31, 2030 I am passionate about maintaining anonymity while giving you the unedited words of participants in the off track segment of society. This is a genuine message sent to me on Facebook by someone I do not know. It is so on topic I know you’ll want to know that your frustration isContinue reading “COVID, Sex Workers, Clients—in HIS words:”

MUST READ HONEST TWEET BY U. S. GOV REPRESENTATIVES 🇺🇸 Harvard👩🏽‍🎓 Xhookr 💋in Hawaii 🏝Tells All💬

The Federal Crime That Located My Birth Mother

Breaking into my sealed adoption record was my first crime

Habla Español Aquí. Este Blog en Español: La Vida de Carolina

This blog will also appear in Spanish Este blog también estará en español. Fotos / videos sexys e historias sobre la vida de los hermosos jóvenes académicos en las calles de Honolulu. Drugs, gambling, prostitution, theft, full time panhandling, con artists…this was the underground criminal world the young Ivy league college grad knew nothing about,Continue reading “Habla Español Aquí. Este Blog en Español: La Vida de Carolina”

Rape, Abuse, theft, abortion–we all know people who do the taboo

we either know people or we are people who have killed, stolen, and done societal taboos. Just bc no one talks about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening


  Clients confided in the Ivy League educated hooker–me. Why? I was smart enough to understand anything they shared. Equally important, my status as social outcast meant even if I told their secrets few would listen to me. Of those who listen, few of that small number would believe me.  Almost no one would careContinue reading “PURPOSE OF SITE”

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