Verbal Abuse Lesson Not to be Missed

A strategy for seeing past abuse.

I felt acne ruined me. Now…See Link to The Guardian I understood this article , although my difficulties were reversed. The author had extreme acne and (apparently) parental support. I suppose I had moderate acne but no social support. The people who adopted me lived that the beauty people remarked about when I was a child, was marred. The acne messages were repeated oftenContinue reading “I felt acne ruined me. Now…See Link to The Guardian”

Addicts are Predictable and Infuriating

Doing the Same unwise thing, getting the same expected bad results. Another form of insanity afflicting those who deal with addicts. We had torrential rain and wind in Honolulu this January 2020. I remembered what it was like to be homeless in the rain and I invited an associate ( not a friend) to spendContinue reading “Addicts are Predictable and Infuriating”

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