See Link: A Man Tells Women That Women Ask to be Mistreated by Doing THIS

Guys who don’t approach are not shy. What they are is uninterested. You can’t pique his interest by doing THIS. No, if has sex with you it does NOT mean he feels differently about you. Do not do THIS. This advice bears repeating

This is the only reason men respect women

One thing, and one thing only, produces men who respect women

Xhookr Life Hack #20: All men look, with sex on their minds, all the time

Your man will look. Here’s how YOU control the situation

Sexual Encounters Between Married Men–Not Adultery?

Sexual Encounters Between Married Men–Not Adultery? — Read on

No Means No, but a reluctant “I Guess So” is Good Enough for Lots Of Guys

A man does not seem to mind a reluctant sex partner as long as he gets approval.

If Your Man is Addicted, or Really Into, Porn, Try Tactics on This List

X-Hooker Life Hack #52:

A Threesome with Two Guys is Different Than Two Women

Threesomes with two guys can be different than two women but still guys rule

If Men Knew How They Looked Holding a Tiny Kitten…

How can men use cats to make themselves sexually appealing to women?

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