Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

Online meetings: male reader responds to post about 3 step Psycho test

Women have to assume that every man she does not know might do her harm.

The previous post about the precautions a woman takes when meeting men from the internet generated a lot of discussion, including the male point of view which I admit, I seldom consider. Here is “WHAT HE SAYS” about a woman’s need to take potentially life saving precautions when he is just thinking of fun:

I like [your post]. It’s kind of tough being the guy at times. I feel having the flexibility to make changes [to pre-approved plans] to make her feel comfortable is important. Sad, there are assholes out there that make an already emotional situation become a dark place rather than fun.

That also goes for meeting massages and fantasy but you kind of have to hold back, too much. Because as a man and a quote “protector,” stereotypes of just wanting one thing is still there.
There were times where I wanted to make it romantic and alone time but you have to put your fantasy and ideas on the back burner until they [women] feel safe. You just have to know to be flexible and her pace. Trying to possibly meet that fantasy and try to be in control but yet submissive to once again make them feel comfortable True. Bottom line if you don’t ask you don’t know. If women in your life don’t explain then you won’t know.

Male reader of Hawaii Street Life,

Sad there are assholes out there that make an already emotional situation become a dark place rather than fun.

A male reader comments about how other men have made his life more difficult by setting an example women must, at first, apply to all men for her safety.
Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

You will know which sex commentator is male and which is female

Similar sexual situations, different world views

I listen to people when they talk. You might think that statement is rather obvious but you would be wrong to assume that of course, people listen when other people talk. In fact it is rare to find one person who truly listens to others when they speak. It is quite easy to decide to do something most people do not do and differentiate yourself. It takes no special skill to listen. You merely have to listen with you’re whole ear, as I like to say. Do not try to catch other background sounds but devote yourself to that person’s words. Most of the listening comes after the conversation is over. You write down what you heard and reflect, pondering endlessly about what you heard, what the speaker said that you have heard elsewhere, what clues did he give that he was lying…When you ask yourself questions about what you heard that is where your understanding deepens.

Here is an example

I heard someone say something and upon reflection I remembered that a different person had commented on a similar situation. The situations were similar but not the conclusions. One person was a man and the other a woman. I am certain you will guess which person made the comments.

The situation

Two people were, independently, in a situation they found quite unusual. They were being intimate with someone who was not into it. One person said:

I thought I had gained weight and this proves it. I am not used to someone reacting to me with so little interest. It just shows me that something is wrong with me.

Speaker #1

That was one point if view. Here is another.

That person must be a latent homosexual. I am not used to someone reacting to me with so little interest. It just shows me that something is wrong with that person.

Speaker #2

I am sure you know which speaker is male (#2) and which is female (#1). I made the realization when I was writing about street sex workers and their unwillingness to show emotion during their work. Any man who commented on her lack of enthusiasm always attributed it to some inadequacy of hers. Any female worker who noticed that the man was not into her always blamed herself. It did not matter that she really did not want to have sex. The women always wanted to be desired.

How did we become a society that blames most problems on women? You would think that source of agreement would bring a form of of peace but it does not seem to bring the genders closer!

Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

Capital Punishment for Everyday Women? A popular show indicates it happens often

Forensic Files

One of my interests is true crime stories, either watching or reading. One of my favorites is Forensic Files, a show that uses interviews with victims and their families, law enforcement, and scientists to tell stories of crime by explaining what appeared to happen, the clues that emerged, and how science was applied to understand what the clues meant in order to solve the case. For example they explain how a suspect left DNA at the scene and the DNA was evaluated and linked to one person. There is no use of eye witness testimony or confessions to solve cases, though these might get mentioned. In other words, no one tells the audience why something happened unless evidence revealed something like the sudden existence of life insurance that would benefit the victim’s husband.

Speculation by the show reveals something disturbing

These people are experts in murder. They have seen so many murders their speculations are based on real history. Since there is no one to tell us the motive for the cases they show they make one up a motive that fits based upon everything they know to be true. That is why it troubles me that every time they do not know why a man killed a woman the narrator says “she probably rejected his sexual advances.” This is not a speculation they use often. I am talking about every single time they do not know a man’s motive. That tells me that a significant number of men have killed women for denying them sex. Once I realized it, I cannot believe I missed something so obvious. Just think about the men who do not kill the women but punish them or believe she should be punished for saying *no.” I bet you have heard guys complain about taking a woman out, spending money on her and getting mad there is no reciprocity from her because she refused him. That is how men who would say they do not support prostitution show me they are ok with exchanging something of value for sex though people might disagree with me. Imagine how many men do not retaliate over a refusal but they understand men who do. All of the men who embrace each of these positions must comprise an awfully large percentage of the men out there. Wow. How dangerous is it to tell a guy “no,” ?

I have heard men laugh at the idea that they would ever say “no means no”

Even the slogan *no means no* tells me a lot. It tells me women can repeat themselves ad nauseam and men do not naturally tune in. Women’s words are disregarded automatically if the words translate to no sex. You never hear men insisting their “no” matters. Men expect to be heard without having to fight for it. When I think about the danger men pose to women I wonder how we get together all.

There are messages about appropriate gender roles in society but you have to evaluate words to know what you are really hearing

Caroleena, examining what Forensic Files tells us about how often mean condemn women to death for denying them sex.

Experiences Intimate View

What was the most used drug among Honolulu Female Inmates?

The good stuff was out of reach

I was incarcerated in Honolulu for possession of a prescription pill. Addiction fuels the state economy in a variety of ways. Most incarcerated women had been on drugs. Ironically there was no sustained supply of illegal drugs. The women were too eager to tell on each other to curry favor with staff, many if whom were friends and relatives in the islands. Inmates were stuck with pharmaceuticals that doctors give people with addictions. The best you can get is something that will make you sleep. Sleeping is the best way to pass your time. The only drugs that will put an inmate to sleep are in the antipsychotic class. I guess psychosis was not really being treated as much as tamped down. The number 1 choice…drumroll, please…Seroquel. That is one drug with ugly side effects. Fifty pound weight gain in under a month. “Sleep eating” similar to actions caused by a drug unavailable to inmates—Ambien. Inability to concentrate on any reading whatsoever. After a couple of months the med turns on you and keeps you up, especially if you miss the “window” or time of feeling drowsy. If you do not get to fall asleep during that 15 minutes, oh well. But in the beginning the drug can get you 18 solid hours of unconsciousness. It was the drug most likely to be carried back from the med line the way a mama bird carries food in her mouth back to the nest. Women who could not convince the psych they were psychotic by saying “I see voices,” traded commissary items to women with more recognized mental illness in exchange for smuggled bits of that drug. Between the rice, bread and generic psych meds, no wonder women left prison overweight!

The precious pharmaceutical was not easily secreted but women who had no money but were given psych meds found a way to get the pills back to the housing unit. Taking pills that had once been in another person’s mouth was an example for some women of how long cherished values can be tossed aside easily to feed an addiction. A person cannot imagine what she will do before she is in any given situation. It helped release me from the burden of judging people to learn there is an endlessly new person within me who will only emerge in exigent circumstances. Kind if exciting…
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Working girls fit into Male fantasy of model woman

Married men who rendezvous with girlfriends, hookers, and friends-with- benefits often want the women on their list to be faithful to them. These polygamous men do not contemplate the double standard in a serious way, other than to acknowledge their feelings are illogical, but what’re you gonna do? One working girl expressed to her long term regular client that she wants to find a husband, improbable though it may be. The guy, a married client, told her he wanted a relationship for her bc she deserved it. But he admitted he wanted her to remain single due to his attachment to her. No, this was not the beginning of a speech about how he wanted to start a life with her. Come to think of it, it was more of a speech about how he did not want her to start a life of her own. It is important to note he wanted to keep her to himself all the time but his interactions would only be part time and under cover. When he did not want her, bc he was with one of his other women, he put her on the shelf, available to be taken down at his convenience.

The best course of action for a working girl is to never talk to a client about her other clients. If he says he wants to know it is BC he is framing her time with others as something in which he can take pleasure. Never, ever does a guy want to think of her as with anyone else unless he can see that guy as inferior compared to him and less important to her.

Caroleena, elaborating on the desire of “hobbyists” to be the only guy in their hooker’s life.

Ideal traits of a fantasy woman: attractive to look at, always immediately available, out of sight when he is busy elsewhere, no life outside of pleasing him. Hiring someone gets a guy this dream come true for a minute.

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Do Men Really Expect Sex For Kindness?

She is sad, in need. Maybe she looks to him for help, maybe he notices without a word from her

He acts as her friend. He shows concern, gives small tokens of affection. She is hardened from the street but dares to hope that maybe she has a friend in him

Out of the blue, or so it seems to her, she has been running a tab with him. He has a list of every little kindness he gave her. He gave, but those were not gifts. EA he gesture had a price. Now she owes him money. But he would lime a…how shall it be said?…A physical currency, yes, that is how he would lime payment. She can settle up with her body.

Now she is hurt and alone. She is not opposed to deals, trades. That’s street life after all. However, for her, transactions are mutually agreed to, in the beginning, out in the open. Not one sided and secret. She us hurt by his accusation that she is selfish and worse, conniving. He says she knew all along there was a bill that would be due. Still, she took the occasional soda with no real intention if giving him her body out of gratitude for his thoughtfulness. Did anyone else care about her? Obviously not or she would not

…she would not be out there, sleeping by Pali Safeway off of Kukui Street in downtown Honolulu. Yes, he mentioned the lack of support knowing she is ashamed of her status.

When a 👩 woman is homeless there is an assumption she is unloved. Often this assumption is a painful truth

She points the finger back at him. He is a phony, a manipulator, a pervy. She handles hurt feelings the way she has always handled them: she layers hate and anger in slayer so thick no one knows how sad she was that is no longer has his companionship. If she suspected his ulterior motives before at least she could lie to herself and pretend he is her friend. The truth is out. The truth hurts. Truth is sometimes overrated.

Men Expect to Guilt Women Into Exchanging Sex For Kindness

A Shocking Text

I have a friend who is still in the street. She does not stay with me probably BC that’s just too much of me. But she hangs out with me when I am downtown. Last week she showed me a text from a guy who she thought was her friend. It turned out that any bit of kindness he showed her was entered into his records. It was clear he had given each kind action a sexual equivalent. Based upon his calculations he had done so much for her she should happily throw herself at him and let him have his way with her while she did his bidding. Of course he was quite vulgar in the wording of his expectations. I am putting an intellectual spin on his foul mouthed diatribe. And what were these acts of kindness? Asking her if she wanted a soda. Checking on her at the homeless camp near Safeway by the Pali Highway. Nothing like giving her a place to stay or taking her to the doctor. Nothing that would make a true difference in the life of a homeless, addicted woman. Nevertheless she had believed she had a friend. So all those times he checked on her by the homeless encampment…All those times he he brought her a can of soda…those were just manipulations in a long term plan? He cared nothing for her? I feel bad now that at the time she shared the text with me I was focussed on what scum I thought he was rather than her hurt feelings. I will try to make that up to her.

Some People Are Ungenerous

There are people who keep a running lists of everything they have ever done for a person. People who think of themselves as generous see no contradiction between their self image and their belief that people owe them for their good natures. I hate that. The people who adopted me were like that, the lady, really. She was always complaining that I was not grateful for food, clothing, doctor visits. My view was that I never asked to go there and that is the deal they signed up for. I had no say in the deal. I would never have consented. I got out of that house the first chance I got. I left with a lifelong aversion to sudden demands of gratitude for what was “freely” given. My friend situation was not unlike the one I had been adopted into. She did not know she had entered into a contract. I know she can be selfish but addicts typically are selfish about dope. I am sure she did not want to share dope. Who does? I concede the point that she might have been a taker, although I have no direct knowledge of this opinion, but owing sex is not something I buy into. Little did she know he had tabulated a sex…ledger. Disappointing but not surprising. He did what a lot of guys have done in my experience. Not only do they equate certain sex acts with, say, beverage offers, they laughingly try to make us jealous. They mention all the women who would happily do what they want. Please go find those women eager to disrobe and throw themselves, legs akimbo, at your feet. Save us the hassle!

Anyone who works at a job would be quite annoyed if a so-called friend tabulated favors and came up with the number of free hours we owe giving them the benefit of our professional expertise. Working girls hate to hear they have sex debts and they would just as soon the guys go elsewhere. Keep in mind he is not offering her anything but the chance to enter into sexual slavery until he is satisfied he has been compensated. It would be different if the guy had been upfront and approached with money and asked if she would. Hey, people on the street know how money is earned. But to feign friendship in order to turn affection into guilt and then demand sex, that he won’t pay for BC of her sex debt…that is just sneaky. Pervy. And far too common.. Maybe men and women cannot be friends. Maybe when a man is friends with a woman he thinks he is the one taking a loss. Is it possible that a man feels insulted when a woman calls him a friend? Maybe. I will ask around. I do know that people who fake affection and later reveal their true motives come off as traitors. We try not to have feelings, and we certainly do not want any feelings that we cannot quash to be hurt, but for people who strive for indifference, we women on the street are especially sensitive to rejection.


There are two types of men who do not listen

First type of non listening man

The first type of guy who does not listen is the guy who has no idea that he does not listen to anyone, especially women. That does not mean he would be interested in changing his ways if you tried to call his attention to his behavior. In all likelihood he would not even hear you when you tried to tell him about himself. It may sound like I am exaggerating when I say this guy does not hear at all but I really am not. Have you ever stopped talking, just to see what would happen to his reactions? Then you realize that he keeps on talking without missing a beat no matter how much or how little you contribute. Once I fully realize that nothing I say penetrates, I stop trying to talk and simply say, yes, you are right. He is not really asking for input. If I disagree he will ignore me. If I say he is right he will say, “I know!” For me this kind of guy is a poor prospect for a companion. Not that he is looking for companionship from me anyway. I know what he wants but what is most important I know not to waste my time on a lost cause. One of the things I value most in a person is if that person can show me a new way of thinking about something and that new method almost always comes from exchanging ideas. Seldom do I say to the self absorbed guy with no insight, “You made me think!”

The Second Type is Self Aware and Sinister

The second type of non-listening guy is well aware that he does not care what others, especially women, have to say. This guy prides himself on the way he tricks women into thinking he is listening and cares. “I give them five yeses and then a no,” said a long term associate with pride. It might be useful for women to know that not only are they not listening but they take pride and pleasure in ignoring you. I foolishly thought I was exempt from this lack of interest until I noticed this long term associate say, “no,” emphatically, right after he gave me a “yes,” in a doubtful tone. None of the tones he used with me matched what I had been saying. “Are you doing five yeses and a no with me?” I asked, totally indignant and he just kind of shrugged like, what do you expect?

The man I loved once, who is long gone, used to listen to me so closely it was like he was memorizing my words. He could quote me back to me. It was nice to have had that at one time.

A wistful caroleena

He prides himself on how much he does not hear. The more you talk the more he has to ignore, the more you are amusing him. If he is a storyteller his friends might think you are funny too.

Caroleena commenting on the guy who knows quite well how he mistreats you.
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See Link: A Man Tells Women That Women Ask to be Mistreated by Doing THIS

Ladies, there is a path that does not lead to happily ever after–and the dead end path begins with the words “I am not ready for a commitment,” and you walk down the bumpy toad by overriding his objections to commuting to you. The name of that dead end road is “I know I can change him” Lane.

Sisters, if you are interacting with a man and he does not make a move on you and you want him to, the relationship expert in the above link says forget him. If a man does not initiate a COMMITTED romantic relationship, he does not want that from you. Do not think you can win him over by propositioning him. Do not make the first move on him bc by doing so you are freely offering yourself. Remember ladies: you are the prize. Prizes are won, not offered

Ladies you are volunteering to be mistreated when you hear him say he does not want a commitment but you do not listen. He will cheat. He will lie. And he won’t feel bad bc he told you what time it was. Do not, I repeat, do not, try to change the terms of the relationship as time goes on. A man knows what he wants and if he says it is not you, believe him. These words sound harsh but they are nothing compared to the words guys use with each other about the women from whom they don’t want commitments.

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This is the only reason men respect women

I wish for answers to many questions

“How did you develop your attitude toward women?” I always ask men who say they do not hit women. I always get the same answer.

There is only one way that men come to respect women: their fathers and/or mothers explicitly said that they should always respect the opposite sex. Moreover, the parent(s) lived by the example of giving respect and demanding respect.

Why men respect women

The mechanism of showing women respect does not originate with the significant other. Instead men think of a beloved female relative and imagine how they want that person treated.

How Men respect women
If a child’s parents are non-violent and respectful and explain their relationship in those terms, the sons grow up to cite the example as why they never hit women, to give one example.



The sexual nature of man revealed in funny text

Do you see the humor in this message

He does not know who he is talking to , which shows he has contacted many people. I once got a note slipped under my door from a neighbor saying to call him, he had money. I called the number and he answered with: “Is this Carrie? No? Suzy? Cindy?” When he went through the list of female neighbors I realized he had put a note under several different door and wanted to see who would take the bait. It would be like texting whatever numbers you have and seeing who texts back. Like the guy in the above text

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Xhookr Life Hack #20: All men look, with sex on their minds, all the time

Always, always remember his looking is NO BIG DEAL. When you get that principle you’ll be so free inside your mind.

Surprise him into submission with absolutely unexpected behavior

  • Handle his annoying habit he cannot help by turning anger off like a switch
  • When you notice him looking, try agreeing that , yes, she is hot.
  • If you have rebuked, criticized, nagged, cried over this issue he stopped paying attention long ago
  • Surprising him will get you 100% of his focus
  • When you pull it off you will feel your power to move him and you can have fun with it. He has been moving you all this time. Turn the tables. Goodnaturedly.

Sexual Encounters Between Married Men–Not Adultery?

Sexual Encounters Between Married Men–Not Adultery?
— Read on

Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

No Means No, but a reluctant “I Guess So” is Good Enough for Lots Of Guys

Guys Don’t Mind Persistence

I would think, from my woman’s point of view, that if someone was not thrilled about having sex with me, that I wouldn’t want to do it. The very definition of “damning with faint praise” would be a weak “I guess so.” But guys don’t seem to mind if she is not thrilled at the prospect. Is that not off putting to a guy? I guess not. Is it good enough for him that he gets what he wants?

Fun is not always a team sport

One guy’s justification for pursuing his goals no matter what any one else wants

If Your Man is Addicted, or Really Into, Porn, Try Tactics on This List

Become His Porn Partner: X-Hooker Life Hack #52

Remember how I cautioned women to avoud yelling and lengthy diatribes? Here are alternatives to traditional arguing. I call it The Porn Partnership. If you can’t beat ’em you really will have to join ’em. Is he going to stop watching? I have yet to meet a man who wants to give up pornography. Not even the guy told me:

She’s totally hot. She’s right there. I want to do her, but I can’t get off of the video

Former client explaining how watching porn made him feel conflicted

Strategies for forming a porn partnership. For the woman who loves a man who loves porn

  • Watch with him and watch the way he watches. Comment on what he remarks about, find videos in his favorite porn genre. Generally emulate him.
  • Take it seriously. My friend told me I had ruined many movies for him by pointing out the absurdity of the storyline, the poor lighting, or how a position was obviously fake given the angles of the bodies. Don’t be a critic unless he enjoys critiques. Suspend disbelief.
  • Initiate. Find porn that you like and introduce something new to the situation.
  • Reenact the plots. Get creative. Don the heels and other costumes. Reenact the scenes without the video. Or do the scenes side by side with the video. See who can finish first.
  • Make your own porn. Note: make masks a part of the storyline. (Never be identifiable in a video unless you’re cool with the world seeing it. Devices get hacked. People get angry and post things they shouldn’t. Anything can happen, no matter how much secure privacy you believe you have.)
No one has to know about your participation in pornography. A mask like the one in the image will work if you want to make a video of yourself. If he’s going to watch porn he might as well watch you! Search an XXX site for masks and you’ll find lots of study material.

A Threesome with Two Guys is Different Than Two Women

Women Are Equal in Many Ways but Not Sexually

Two women with one guy has always been two women servicing the guy. Makes sense if he is paying. Rarely, it’s been too guys. I’ve asked around about this to supplement my experience. If the guys are paying it’s still about servicing them. According to my former friend, all men are gay or will engage in gay sex but absolutely keep that activity hidden from women. Never in a threesome with just one woman do the guys appear to interact with each other, although you might find out later they were secretly watching each other. The woman has to service them and that’s when make rivalry emerged. Inevitably one guy is irritated bc he thinks he was underserved.


Threesomes with two guys always have this topic

Size will always be an issue for men

You guessed it–penis size. This preoccupation is male. Another form of competition. The smaller guy always says something about his superior skill or the fact (truly) that women often do not like large guys.

I haven’t gotten any complaints from women

Real life example of defensive statement by the guy with the smaller penis in a two guy one woman threesome.

Threesomes–Sneaky business

Women trying to control men’s desire for new women by keeping his activities under her watch. Or, if there’s watching, the guys are watching each other while pretending not to, or they’re competing for her attention.


If Men Knew How They Looked Holding a Tiny Kitten…

If Men Knew How Sexually appealing they look when holding a tiny Kitten they’d probably breed cats, or have some other replenishable source of new kittens. I am sure if a man holds a puppy, the effect will be the same.

My Threesome (3Some) Error

Group Sex and a Flexible Outlook

An enthusiastic 3some participate and long time faithful blog fan corrected an assumption I was unaware I had made. You see, I thought threesomes only worked if everyone was engaged with everyone else, simultaneously. It never crossed my mind that taking turns is a perfectly legit strategy to utilize for a satisfying experience.

I guess I identify taking turns with having to wait against my will . My truest self wants what she wants right away, without delay

Taking turns does not have toesn idly or impatiently sitting around. That’s my own bias against having to share my time. I stead, taking turns means being alternately engaged. After all, who is going to hold the camera? Better to have a photographer who is a part of the action because it’s uncomfortable to have an outsider on the scene, an outsider whose curiosity and judgement can have a stultifying effect on the participants.

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The Challenge of Threesomes

Threesomes are supposed to be fun. That’s how porn and XXX portray group sex. But I have never been a fan of threesomes, even when I did them regularly with “the threesome couple.” I find threesomes trick because I feel awkward and uncomfortable, which is normal for me in any group setting!. It seems like someone is always waiting for his or her turn. The person who is waiting tries not to look that way but it’s clear that threesomes are about taking turns, unless you’re well coordinated enough for two people to smoothly and simultaneously handle different parts of one person.

Eye contact both creates and requires intimacy

I think the issue is anatomical. We are only able to face one person at a time and that’s where true intimacy can be found–looking into each other’s eyes. Maybe that’s why people don’t kiss when they’re having sex with strangers, because out of everything you can do with another person, there’s nothing more intimate than being up close and personal, face to face. There’s really no way to do this effectively in a threesome


Ladies, Don’t Get Mad If You Notice Him Noticing Other Women

I know that there are signs that a man wants an open, public relationship with a woman. But men have thoughts about women that they don’t share with us and we women have no idea that men are thinking certain things about almost every woman almost all of the time. I did not know the hidden truths for which there are no signs. Most men look at most woman and filter the view through a sexual lense. Even if only for one hundredth of a second, men look and think “yes, no, want her, don’t want her, too old, too young, could have her if I want, wish I could have her,” etc., etc. These thoughts occur consciously or so quickly they are unconscious. But make no mistake, these ecret hiughts occur. Although men give no sign they are looking at every woman, they are looking at every woman. Sexually. That doesn’t mean they don’t move past that point of view, they do, but the sexual glasses are always hanging around their necks, so to speak, to be put on at the first sight of a new woman. What’s more, if no one would ever, ever know or suspect, and they’d never have to see the woman again, most men would secretly have sex with just about any woman. Only if the Iron clad secrecy guarantee was in place. With that guarantee, the normal guy would do anything, just once, mind you. (That’s what he’ll tell himself).

Ladies don’t get mad if he looks at another

Worry if he doesn’t look. That’d be weird. Looking is normal. There’s a protocol he needs to follow. He should be very discreet, below the radar. If he makes it obvious he is being disrespectful to his partner and the woman he is looking at. And he knows he is being disrespectful. Don’t tolerate blatant leering (remember, no loud and lengthy diatribes).


Keep in mind, I have no statistics to back up what I say, I have no unbiased data. My opinions are formed from my limited exposure to people I actually meet or know of. And these aren’t randomly chosen men I’ve interviewed, but men willing to pay for my time and/or services. I may have met waaay more men than your average woman, but that only means I have a lot of anecdotal knowledge, not true expertise. Just so you know that I know where I’m coming from with my Life Hack.


Controversy Warning: Unity Among Men Not Women, others with minority status

Beauty+Breasts+Idea=Blog Intro that sparks interest

“Bro’s Before Ho’s” means guys ought to be loyal to each other, prioritize other guys, over women. Women are reduced to “Ho’s” and men are elevated to brother status. I would go as far as to say that men’s superior status and unity, especially white men, is reinforced when the chance to join white men is the ultimate accomplishment. Men truly back each other up, while women don’t even seem to like each other. (More on the subject of male unity and female disharmony to come). In our society, women and minorities are praised for getting away from their own kind. Don’t believe me? Haven’t you heard praise for the first female in a male dominated profession, or the first black in a white dominated profession? There’s no praise for the first male nurse, for example. Basketball fans will remember Larry Byrd, of the Boston Celtics. He wasn’t honored for being successfully assimilated into a largely black sport but he was encouraged to maintain a separation from the black players by being called “The Great White Hope.” In a skit performed by comedian Dave Chapelle, Chapelle says you know a black guy is successful when everyone and everything in his life is white.” You don’t see white people living in all black areas unless things have gone wrong for them. I think those of us who are members of groups without unity whose members are always trying to be among white men should take our cue from the Chinese immigrants who stuck together and supported each other in countless “Chinatowns” throughout America. How about the Jewish people who have a strong history of nonassimilation and still maintain traditions thousands of years old. The Chinese and Jews have economic success that we women and blacks do not emulate because we don’t work together, stick together. We are so eager to show how different we are from people who look like us. We “aren’t like those bitches” or we are “one of the good ones.” I wish to be in a group!