Thousands Viewed this YouTubeStreet Sex Sites in Honolulu’s Tent Cities YouTub

  This low quality film was posted to YouTube as an afterthought. I had to Disguise the front of the cell phone from the anonymous residents of the diy tents haphazardly lining Honolulu’s Streets just 3 miles from what was once the 6th most lucrative commercial street in the world.  In post-COVID Hawaii, the goldContinue reading “Thousands Viewed this YouTubeStreet Sex Sites in Honolulu’s Tent Cities YouTub”

YouTube Secret Anonymous Recording : Penny Ante “Dealer” Speaks

anonymous secret recording about prostitution, Honolulu 2020

YouTube videos show how Sex Workers are put at risk by UnAmerican values

Stop punishing people on allegations of sexual misconduct. It is unAmerican!

True Words, Secretly Recorded: A Childhood in the Drug World—An Anonymous Woman Talks about Childhood in Crime

You will never get a chance to hear what people in the life talk about the way you will by reading this blog because no one fears the judgment of the author so they speak freely

Secret Street Sex in homeless camps–shocking live video shows where your favorite Honolulu working girl may take you. A Live YouTube Video

click on the link to see where secret street sex happens in Honolulu. Don’t let the abject poverty shown in the video fool you, there’s money made here everyday.

What Does an X-Hooker Know That You Don’t?

The Cleavage Diaries: a ppealing YouTube A ideos that t a lil you what as n X-Hooker Knows That benefits you!

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