Watch “Racist Attack Caught on Film +Unpunished” on YouTube

Watch “Racist Attack Caught on Film +Unpunished” on YouTube — Read on

Best Handwashing Video , in my humble opinion: Twitter Link

Correct technique to wash your hands for proper disinfection. #CoronavirusOutbreakindia #CoronaVirusUpdate #COVID #CoronaVirusUpdate — Harjinder Singh Kukreja (@SinghLions) March 19, 2020

The “N” word and addict behavior–How to spot your beloved addict’s manipulation featured in YouTube Secret Camera

The use of a racial slur is a good way to distract people from the fact that something was stolen, unless people are aware of this manipulation and stay on point


BARE BREASTS AND BEAUTY WITH AN IDEA–THE FAN RESPONSE I looked at my stats after I fooled around with the format of the blog and wow! There was such a huge spike in views that WordPress noticed. WordPress is the app that hosts my blog (if that is the correct terminology). I received a notificationContinue reading “YOU DEMANDED SEXY PICTURE HISTORY AND HERE IT IS”

I Promised a Video Tour of the Honolulu Hooker Streets. Two Videos!

I promised a tour of Honolulu Hooker Streets and we begin in the Kakaako area. Text and accompanying YouTube video clip.

Escort Rejected. Feel my pain as it happens through YouTube video

rejection in real time as escort is stood up in hotel bar on YouTube

X-Hooker Life Hack #21: There’s no such thing as an “X” Hooker

People feel justified disrespecting prostitutes and they make no distinction between past and present, as far as forming their opinions of you. Know that you’ll have a fight for respect if people know where you’ve been.

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